The educational program “6В11111 – Tourism Guide Service” is a professional tour guide and tour organizer who helps tourists immerse themselves in local culture, history and attractions. The tourist guide is a key link in the tourism industry, providing information, comfort and safety to tourists during their travels.
The duties of a tourist guide include:
1. Excursions and sightseeing programs: Guides take tourists to various places, telling about the history, culture, architecture and other interesting aspects of the local heritage.
2. Route preparation: Guides make routes and excursion plans, taking into account the interests and needs of customers.
3. Information support: Guides provide tourists with useful information about local traditions, customs, restaurants, shops, etc.
4. Safety and comfort: Guides monitor the safety of the group during excursions, warn about dangerous areas and help in solving emerging problems.
5. Intercultural interaction: Guides ensure that tourists interact with the local population, helping to create a positive impression of the country or region.
A successful career in this field requires good communication skills, knowledge of foreign languages, extensive knowledge of local history and culture, as well as the ability to work in a dynamic and sometimes non-standard environment. Tourist guides can work both independently and in large travel agencies or companies.