The educational program “6B11105 – Management of tourist destinations” combines knowledge from the field of business, marketing, hospitality and tourism for effective management and development of tourist destinations and regions. Experts in this field are working to create and implement strategies that attract tourists, provide them with a comfortable stay and stimulate the development of local economies.
The main tasks of a tourist destination manager include:
1. Marketing and advertising: Development and implementation of marketing campaigns to attract tourists from different regions and countries. This may include creating an attractive image of a tourist destination, using social media, participating in tourist exhibitions, etc.
2. Infrastructure: Organization and management of the infrastructure necessary for the convenience and safety of tourists. This includes the development of a transport network, the creation of a variety of entertainment facilities and attractions, as well as providing high-quality service.
3. Sustainable development: Planning and implementation of strategies for the development of the tourism industry, taking into account the preservation of the environment, cultural heritage and social structure of the region. This may include the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies, support for local communities and the development of ecotourism.
4. Quality management: Ensuring a high level of service and quality of services for tourists. This includes the control of cleanliness and safety, training of hotel and public sector personnel, as well as the development and implementation of service standards.
5. Brand management: Managing the branding of a tourist destination, Lifestyle brands strive to reflect the values, aspirations and views of the subculture.
Graduates of the Educational program “6B11105 – Management of tourist destinations” can work in enterprises of the tourism industry of various forms of ownership: government agencies, public organizations, private companies; republican; enterprises in the field of accommodation and catering; objects of cultural and leisure activities; secondary professional training centers.