The educational program “6B11106 – Sports Tourism” is an area of tourism in which active physical participation and sports during travel are the main components. This educational program unites lovers of an active lifestyle, nature and travel. It offers unique opportunities for people who want to combine adventure with sports and discovering new places.
Students studying sports tourism gain knowledge about various sports such as cycling, mountaineering, hiking, water sports and many others. They also learn the basics of tourism, including hiking, safety in the mountains and on the water, route planning and group management in extreme conditions.
Specialists in the field of sports tourism can work in travel agencies specializing in outdoor activities, nature parks, hotels and resorts offering sports events, as well as as guides and instructors for sports activities.
Career opportunities in this field can be very diverse, including organizing tours, developing routes, coaching, managing individual tourist sites, or even creating your own business in the field of sports tourism.