The educational program “6B11104 – Hotel and restaurant business” aims to form general and professional competencies sufficient for the successful solution of a specialized complex of problems and practical problems characterized by complexity and uncertainty of conditions in the hotel and restaurant business. Specialists will be able to apply modern technologies to form and provide a hotel and restaurant product that meets the requirements of consumers; develop and provide a hotel and restaurant product, including in accordance with consumer requirements, based on the latest information and communication technologies; possess the skills to determine and analyze the costs of a hotel and restaurant enterprise and other accommodation facilities; analyze the results of the activities of functional departments of hotels, restaurants and other accommodation facilities, the level of customer service, draw appropriate conclusions; monitor the implementation of technological processes and job descriptions in hotel and restaurant activities, readiness to organize work to confirm compliance with the classification system of hotels and other accommodation facilities.
Graduates of the OP “6B11104 – Hotel and restaurant business” can hold various positions, from linear to managerial, in the field of hotel business: from administrator to head of the reception and accommodation department, logistics department, sales and marketing department, concierge service, restaurant complex, employees of spa complexes and beauty industry centers, departments of corporate clients, specialists in the field of intercultural communications and sightseeing services. In addition, the amount of knowledge gained will allow graduates to organize their own hotel or restaurant business.