The educational program “6B11109 – Event Management” is a relatively young specialty, which, however, has already managed to win a place of honor in the labor market. A professional event manager is able to organize any event, be it a conference, seminar, forum, exhibition, presentation and so on. The event manager manages all the processes that occur during the preparation, holding of the event itself and even after its completion.
During their higher education, students study a variety of narrow-profile disciplines that are impossible to learn in any other field of study. So, students study:
1. The technology of organizing events of any orientation: from official diplomatic meetings to wedding celebrations.
2. Project management, since each event is a separate project with its own budget, features and nuances.
3. PR, GR, IT support of the event. In order for the event to take place, it is necessary not only to advertise it, but also to provide its technical component. Presentation, lighting, musical accompaniment: students receiving specialized education learn all these necessary skills.
4. Project team management. An event manager is not only the creative center of the entire project, he is a competent manager. That is why special attention is paid to the acquisition of team management skills and competencies in the framework of training specialists in this field.
In addition, students study brand management, office management in the organization of celebrations, marketing in the event industry, budgeting and other important disciplines that form a set of necessary competencies, skills and knowledge for future managers.